Christian, husband, and father are my big three. Striving to follow Christ the best I can, all the while asking for guidance and grace. Sarah and I have been married for fourteen years and have a great nine-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn. We enjoy being outdoors as a family, anything from hiking, camping, or fishing.  Truth be told, Kaitlyn would prefer to be swimming as opposed to anything.


This site was originally established so our family could follow along on some of our journeys.  Secondarily, I wanted a place for discussions on the Bible, missions, theology, and doctrine (or anything else that pops into my head). I would like to see the site develop into a place where people can gather to find information on spreading the Gospel through evangelism, discipleship, and missions work. Every Christian is called to spread the name of Christ and make disciples. It is not easy, and someplace to help people understand the nature of the call and advice on how to do missions might be of some help.

Future hope for the site

Ultimately, it would be great if current missionaries could be incorporated into this site by contributing articles on what they do, how they do it, obstacles they face, and anything else they would deem helpful for others that are considering missions work, either short term or long term. I don’t claim to be the guy with all the answers. In fact, I have more questions than answers. But, working together and walking with Christ in faithfulness is a step in the right direction.
Phil. 1:21